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Writing as an Outlet

—Patrick Jones—



Three yPortraitears ago I became sick, sick enough to spend 8 hours in surgery and two weeks in the hospital.  Those days are mostly blank.

When I got home, I found that anything I could do prior to the surgery was going to take a year to be able to do again.

Daytime television is terrible enough to fall under the Geneva Convention’s section regarding torture.

My wife hovered over me to make sure I did nothing.

Cutting grass was out.  Washing clothes was a no-no.  Lifting anything over four pounds (a simple bag of groceries) was forbidden.

Before getting sick, I was working on the sequel to “The Wolf’s Moon.”  I just couldn’t get my head into it.

http://youtu.be/18LUT5eyAjE  (Check out this trailer for Patrick’s book ‘The Wolf’s Moon.’ – editor)

I sat and thought about what to do until I recovered enough to walk up the driveway to the mailbox.

One night, during my drug-induced sleep, I had a dream.

The dream was about my three grandchildren (my son’s children) and a mountain lion.  I forced myself awake, grabbed a pen and paper and wrote. It was all in fragments but I was doing one of the things that I do best – write.

The thought came to me to write a series of short stories.

“The River” was my first.

Patrick's New short story collection

Patrick’s New short story collection

Here is Patrick’s trailer – ed:-


The reason I published it was because so many people were asking when the
next story was coming out.

Work on the sequel to “The Wolf’s Moon” was underway, when I started writing on a short story about the grandchildren.  Well, it took on a life of its own and now it’s over seventy thousand words, as is the sequel to “The Wolf’s Moon.”

Everyone who has read “The River” has loved it but said it was too short.

Writing is not as easy as many think.

Yeah, one has the beginning, middle and the end, but the writer has to fill in the blank areas in between.  That can be tough.

Coming up with ideas can be hard as well.

I still get tired a lot but I am out in the woodworking shop again for a couple of hours a day.

Above all, I’m still writing, but until I do finish another novel or book of short stories, my wife and I are looking for other avenues to promote my books.

None of my brothers were readers unless pictures were involved.  Comic books were big with them.

Believe it or not, in this day and time, I have met people who cannot read or write.  These people probably will never know the comfort in sitting down and reading a fairy tale to their children.

Yes, there are movies, but there is something special about allowing words to take one to places and times.

That is why we looked into creating audio books.

The words that I write should be accessible in various formats so that people who are unable to read may experience the wonders of the written word.

Even if they cannot see and understand the written words, they can hear them.  They are able to see in their mind, Mark Lansdowne, his four dogs and his pal, Warren Skruggs.

Then we took into consideration, those people who are blind.  The words that I write must be more than just descriptive.  The words must help that person to see into that cave or to see Skruggy’s nasty, deadly smile, all by the sound of a narrator’s voice.

We thought about braille, but being a self-published author, there is only so much we can afford.

Sandy is looking into turning “The River” into an audio book.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! (Tagline courtesy of Chris The Story Reading Ape)


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