Talent showcase: Len Biddlecombe, writer and poet

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CEO of Blackheath Dawn Ltd, Terry Gilbert-Fellows introduces Len Biddlecombe; an established writer and poet.

It probably comes as no surprise to know that Len and I have many tussles about his view of the whole spread of poetic endeavour and presentation. I have personal choices which encompass Performance Poetry, Couplet Phrasing some Blank Verse Sonnets and Haiku.

Len strips all of this away and creates simple beautiful, meaningful verse and latterly has become a prolific producer of written work.

He has appeared on National and local TV, even making national News at Ten. He has been interviewed on regional and national radio, appeared as news story in national press and has become something of a celebrity with his supportive writing to his beloved Barbara.

He shows no sign of slowing down and is determined, in his own style of course, to help anyone who wants to write poetry pick up a pen and make the start.

Len-BarbaraWhat better way than to hear how Len Biddlecombe makes it simple…

My name is Len Biddlecombe. I enjoy writing stories and poetry; yet it was neither my passion nor something I considered undertaking until I was in my late twenties. Then something happened to ignite the spark; I met the most beautiful woman in the world and fell in love with her immediately. Shortly after our meeting she embarked on a holiday with her parents; I wrote to her every day she was away from home.

Unleashing my feelings for her in poetic language, I began my writing career. I have written over fifty poems to her since then; spanning the forty seven years we have been married. I have branched into writing short fictional stories in recent years, writing more than fifty. I read each one to her as soon as it was completed. In addition I have written another fifty poems on everyday life and events. Fate took a hand when my son answered an advertisement for a motor vehicle by a Mr Terry Gilbert-Fellows, CEO of Blackheath Dawn, a publishing company. My association with Terry evolved, resulting in the publication of two of my books, Life of Love and Love of Life, both available through Amazon.com.

Unfortunately my wife was diagnosed with dementia, which has developed into advanced Alzheimer’s. She now resides full time in a nursing home. Living alone now, I lead a very lonely life; nevertheless I believe my desire to write is helping me to face the future, giving me a positive outlook.

People often ask, ‘how do you write poetry? I can’t seem to put two lines together.’ I tell them: I believe firstly, poetry needs to rhyme; either every line or alternate lines. Bearing that in mind, the important word in each line is the last one, not the first as many people think. For instance if you have just moved into a brand new house and want to tell the world, you don’t make that the first line. There’s very little that will rhyme with house, and mouse is the last thing you want to find in a new home; instead write, ‘My new house means the world to me.’ Suddenly a multitude of words present themselves like, ‘It’s lovely and big and as bright as can be.’ Always let your heart come up with the ideas and let your pen do the writing. Say what you want to say, after all it’s your story or poem and you alone can decide what you want to write.

One thing you should always do when writing is to draft the poem or story first, form the ideas in your mind and juggle them around until you are satisfied they are exactly as you want them. If writing a story, it is important that you live in your book and be part of the tale; write simply in a way people can understand and never underestimate the intelligence of the reader. Of course fiction lends itself to far more scope for your imagination, allowing you to weave past events and experiences of your lifetime into the story. Recall your feelings of that time; this will assist you to portray events in a comprehensive and interesting way. When you have completed it read it carefully, decide if you enjoyed it; if you did you can expect your readers to also.

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…and the very best of luck, Len Biddlecombe.


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