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Tangina Ann Interviewed  by  Terry Gilbert-Fellows Blackheath Dawn Publishing.


What is the prized possession you value above all others?

Family, and a few good friends.  Why?  You have this nice house and car but one day you get this call your house has just burnt down.  You go out to get in to your car and it’s gone.  Someone stole your car.  Talk about a bad day.   Who are you going to call?  The Police of course. But you’re still in need of a ride to your house that burnt down; plus a place to stay until you rebuild your home.  Are you going to be able to count on your friends from work? Well maybe.  It is my experience that when the chips are down it is family who will always be there.  You can replace your house and all you think you hold dear but can you replace a member of your family?  No they are all one of a kind and irreplaceable.


If you were able to be invisible and were researching for a written piece, where would you go?  

I have done a considerable amount of family history research back to mid to late 17th century  so along with being invisible I would need a time machine.   I would need to go back to  Hellingly, Sussex, England 1637 a year before my ancestors Thomas and Lynda died.  They died in the same year although I have a date for Thomas’ death there is no record of the actual date for Lynda. Did she die the same day or later that year?  Did they die as a result of a war or a disease? I have traced their son Benjamin boarding a ship in Ireland, arriving in America less than two years after they died … Did he kill them and run to America to escape justice?  He had two younger sisters and a brother.  What happened to them?  Being invisible would allow me to watch the events without changing anything and fill in the blank area of the events leading up to the day they died.  Hopefully the time machine wont break down and that I will be allowed to return home.

What most engages your curiosity?

Mysteries, Ancient history and Animals.

What do you consider to be the wisest move you ever made? 

I would have to say of late it was to start writing.  It has built my self-confidence and forced me to see things in a different light. By advertising Promoting and engaging with other people it has been a rewarding experience.

If you were able to regain a treasure, what would be your choice?

The question I have is, is that treasure an object or a person.  If there was a treasure I could get back it would be my brother tom. He was always there when I needed a friend and was never afraid to tell me like it was.  He was the kind of person who would stop and pick up a stranger and give them a ride.  One time when we were sitting in pizza hut in Gibbons Glade eating lunch, it was freezing outside.  Some guy came in the restaurant and his shirt was soaking wet. I think he said he slipped on an ice patch and landed in a small puddle.  Tom felt bad for the guy and took off his shirt and gave it to him.   I wish more people could be like him.

What is your favourite book?

The Atlas of the Ancient world, and the Bible.

 Is there something for which you are still searching?

Sure, it’s something you can’t buy and it’s hard to find. 

What makes you sad?

Watching a video that comes across my page of a child being kicked, tossed around, stepped on or slapped for no good reason.  I want to reach in and pull that child to safety but I can’t.   I think anyone who abuses a child in anyway should spend the rest of their lives in jail.  I’m not against discipline when it comes to teaching a child wrong from right.  However, good parents know the fine line and between the discipline and abuse.

Generally, what is your attitude towards poetry and do you have a favourite poem?  

I like poetry as long as it isn’t depressing.

I haven’t read anyone’s work in a while though, I have few that I have recently written I’ll share one with you. 

It Was

Bright and sunny day then it got dark and the sun went away.

Lightning came, filled the sky with rain,

Now I sit here and wonder why.

Who can I blame for all that rain?

This rain is a blessing so who am I to complain?



What do you consider was your most life changing event?

There is a lot that can happen in a person’s life that can be marked as a life changing event.    I think the recent developments concerning my Work as an Author has been nothing short of exciting and a dream come true.  I’m truly thankful.

Then there is my move here to Tennessee.  The area I live in is a little like going back in time where neighbours help each other and are friendly.   Nice change


Do you have a pet hate?

Scammers! These people are lower than an ants belly.   These people are everywhere pretending to be someone they’re not taking people’s money.  I have been fortunate enough not to have fallen for any of their nonsense. There are some who haven’t been as fortunate.

I have started a page called Scam Awareness on Facebook.  It is for anyone to share if you run in to someone who you can confirm is a scammer.  Share the information to make others aware of it.  For some reason these people are not scared of getting caught so let’s make it as hard for them as we can by informing and being informed.     https://www.facebook.com/helpu2know/


Why is writing important to you?

Some people dream of being an actor, singer, guitar player.  It is something I dreamed about doing.  Somehow with work and family you tend to put your dream aside and some never follow through with it.  Why is important to me?  It is important for anyone to follow a dream. It is a form of expression and a way for me to share with others things that otherwise only I would know about.    When I had the acceptance letter for my book, it was a dream come true there is nothing like it.

I was asked yesterday If I had plans to make any of my books in to a movie.  I have no clue how that even works.  Then again I didn’t know a thing about Facebook or G+ or any of that stuff.  Everything has been a challenge and learning experience.  I have enjoyed the journey.  Who knows what the future holds?


What, if anything, makes you different?

My dad says I’m flamboyant.  I have been called beautiful.  One thing I know is beauty is only skin deep.  It’s fleeting and can fade away.   If you don’t have a good heart or compassion for others, then all that on the outside means nothing.   How does that make me different?  I don’t know.  There is only one of me as there is only one of you. We are all different in our own unique way.

 Tangina Ann’s current published book list –But see below for more news


Short Stories In The Life of Little Girl Blue

Natalie’s Dilemma

Gooner Meets Her Match

The Search For Serenity

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The Rise of the Black Horse Rider

This new book is based in part on the bible but is not biblically accurate. I bring to life creatures and people in a way you have never seen before. Move over Zombie Apocalypse. As for the rest of you hold on to your hats and run for your lives


Tangina Ann 2016


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