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HSBC Tall Ships Youth Trust voyage 2005

First Hand Experience for Authors

Sailing the Seven Seas By Melissa A. Joy Have you, as an author, ever wondered what experiencing something first hand would be like? Perhaps you’ve thought, “I’d like to try that one day,” but never have? Or perhaps you’ve thought such a thing wasn’t possible. It’s a well-known fact that researching material is just as […]

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Nautical Research for Seafaring Authors

by Melissa A. Joy How often have you read a book that involves topics you’re passionate about? I am not referring to a genre, but rather the themes and subjects involved. You may have  a particular interest in ancient history and mythology, modern warfare, or, in this case, the age of sail. I have a […]

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Mary Read (1690-1721) Engraving from General History of the Pyrates 1725

Female Pirates – Did they really exist?

Melissa A. Joy  The short answer is yes, and some of them were even fiercer than their male counterparts. Many of them tended to dress as and pass themselves off as men. Two of the most notable female pirates were Anne Bonney (also Bonny, 1698-1782, Irish), and Mary Read (1690-1721). Both were feminists well before […]

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