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Competitions: Editor’s pick for March 2015

Each month Blackheath Dawn researches the market for competitions we believe are viable for our readers. Some will need an entrance fee but keep in mind the value of the competition and the worth of the adjudicators when deciding whether it is a worthwhile investment of your time and money. Remember that in all competitions […]

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Magna Carta FREE competition for writers

Did you read our editor’s post on the continued legacy of the Magna Carta?  Are you motivated by the post from our featured guest, Jennifer B Graham on her own personal Magna Carta? Do you want to learn more about the events that set the Magna Carta in motion? Well if you do, take a moment to watch these UK […]

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Why competitions are important for the emerging writer

You want to write; you’ve picked up your pen or connected your computer, maybe even taken the cover from your old typewriter, now you want to see your piece in print. – And to be published. How can an independent writer manage to become a published writer/author? What are the available processes to make publication easier?  […]

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Supplement your income by entering competitions

Dismissing a conceivably beneficial source of income? A way to obtain cost-free training with a chance of free publication? In the event you don’t take part in writing contests then you are. A writer once said that she earns a third of her income every year by entering competitions. I don’t know about you but I’d certainly like to enhance my income. In reality, writing contests aren’t designed for Booker […]

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