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Self-publishing: Importance of a sample book and trailer video

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Every author, whether they are aspiring or already established, knows about the difficulties in finding a suitable agent or publisher.

Publishers want authors whose books they believe they can sell; they can spend hours searching though manuscript submissions.  If a proposal doesn’t catch their eye, it’s not likely to make it through to the next stage of being considered for publication.  Even if your book is well-written and could be a bestseller, you’re more likely to draw interest if you have something real to show them.  If you can show you’re serious about your writing, and can show you have great ideas and can put together a compelling story, you’re far more likely to succeed.

Films don’t just appear in the cinemas; they’re promoted via the use of trailers.  Video-games often have demos available for download before the final product is released.  Why not the same for books?  Book trailer videos are a new feature in the world of publishing, and they’re useful for increasing readership.

Example of sample book and trailer video – Keys of the Origin by Melissa A. Joy

Keys of the Origin has both a sample book that allows readers to have a sneak peek into the world of Aeldynn, and a trailer to support it towards its publication in the fantasy book market.

Sample book example

Trailer video example

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  1. Liked yours on providing a trailer. They’re showing up all over u-tube and I think when I finish mine in a few weeks, I’ll put it “out there” to generate some excitement on my upcoming Daniel Smith. I’m using Windows 7 Moviemaker, some free, some paid for, royalty free pictures and video. There are lots of freebies out there of good quality. Soundtracks are more expensive, but lucked out on a $40 purchase that does the trick. Anyway, when it’s finished I’ll send you the url. P.S. have you seen Another innovative way to promote stories and books and actually make money!


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