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Publishing Push offers Free consultation to lucky BHD winners


To celebrate our new partnership with Black Heath Dawn, we are giving away two marketing consultancy packages. These are our hour long calls where we discuss your marketing challenges and build solutions for you. Head to our site and fill out the contact form with a message stating BLACK HEATH DAWN. Two winners will be chosen on Monday the 15th of June. Good luck!

Marketing Your Book.

It’s a tough process marketing your book. Contacting influencers, arranging prominent reviews, securing PR in print media, being ready for broadcast media appearances and growing your own platform. It’s hard to know when to start and how to plan the process. You’re certainly not alone in finding the marketing side of publishing a big challenge. We have completed over 200+ book marketing campaigns and are familiar with the difficulties. Such experiences across both fiction and nonfiction titles have given us tremendous knowledge.

So where did it all begin for us?

Back in July 2013 Publishing Push was hired by Atlantic Books. They were looking to help increase sales of one of their key authors, Robert Fabbri. Robert is the Author of the Vespasian series. A range of advertising techniques had been tested but they couldn’t reach his readers in the way they wanted to. We planned and executed a strategy that obtained the sales results they were looking for. The series went from 420 average sales per week to 1260 per week after just 3 months.

Sara O’Keeffe the Editorial Director at Atlantic Books Ltd left us this testimonial after the campaign. “I worked with Publishing Push on a long-term project this year and found their work to be outstanding. Their approach drove real, quantifiable results and helped to dramatically increase the profile of one of our key authors. I would highly recommend their services.”

It was an incredibly enjoyable experience and we wanted more. Since that point we have been working tirelessly to help both new authors and established authors to reach their readers.

You’re probably wondering how can we help you if you’re a new author. Recently we published a case study about just such a process. Chris Bridge had been struggling to move past the #200,000 mark on Amazon. Selling maybe one book every couple of days. Mostly to friends and family. He wanted to get more readers and he wanted to sell more books. He came to us for help.

Chris has now sold thousands of copies of his book in the UK alone. Reaching a bestseller ranking of #174 in the UK. He was also in the top 100 in Australia for 18 consecutive days. The full case study can be read here.

We are Publishing Push LTD, a PR and marketing agency who specialise exclusively in the publishing industry, working with many authors (self-published and published), literary agents and publishers in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia, Scandinavia and Asia.

Delivering top print and digital publicity for your book. Generating coverage for authors books with targeted and relevant communities. This ensures new readers are reached. Reviews, recommendations, interviews, guest blogs, and features are what we focus on delivering. Press coverage in print and digital publications is still the most crucial marketing endeavour for authors to boost sales. Complete transparency on our process is provided and we monitor success and analyse results of every campaign.

We have recently completed 200+ campaigns and decided to publish what we have learnt thus far. You can read all about that here. The post will be evolving as we continue our work.

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