Professional Formatting for Indie Authors

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When you have put in all that hard work to create your manuscript it would be almost criminal to launch it upon your audience without having taken the care to ensure that it appears correctly formatted and presentable.

Some of the Blackheathdawn writers have used  New York – based  Chad Kunego a small, independent publisher whose goal is to help indie authors get their work professionally formatted at very reasonable rates. Working closely with the author, he can help to ensure that your manuscript is correctly formatted to immediately give your readers the impression of your professionalism as a published author.

Don’t  think that you can’t afford to have your manuscript professionally presented, you might be surprised.  Whilst some companies can charge $200, $300, or more to produce even a basic layout,  which is all added cost and often just puts this important publishing step out of reach. We have negotiated special rates for Blackheath Dawn members with Chad’s company members can avail themselves of truly professional services at a 15% discount even for the $100 basic formatting and file building services.

Just quote

Blackheath Dawn Publishing super deal  

to save at least $15.00

Now there’s no reason for you to not have your book professionally laid out and ready to publish, for any eBook or print publishing system. Ingram Spark, CreateSpace, Kindle, or even your local printer/publisher. Blackheath dawn would be delighted to deal with Chad on behalf of member’s who would still directly benefit from Chad’s generous discount system.

You owe it to yourself to ensure that your special work is given a special finish that demands special attention from your reading world.




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