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News and Opportunity for a Happy New Year

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A year of change and refining.

Whist you have been without news or even a magazine to help you keep up to date, behind the scenes we have been very active.

Manuscripts have been proofread, line edited and formatted. Books have been edited produced and published. Links to agents,publishers

and printers, strengthened. New authors have been mentored and exciting new publishing avenues and genres explored.

2017 looks bright and welcoming.

We need  Partners; quality proofreaders, artists, formatting specialists, marketing , promotion  and PR exponents.

Bloggers, writers, social media experts

We have opportunity. A good base of subscribers  who are demonstrating good will and support as we all progress together.

There is probably not one area of publishing for which we do not need to find more experts and expertise.

We will set up a regular in house directory of help for writers. An easily accessible A-Z of each and every area for which a new, aspiring or experienced author might need to search for help and contacts. The first issue of the list will be published in the magazine end February 2017 and will be up dated regularly.

Tell us why you should be on this list and indicate if you want to be part of the Blackheath Dawn team.

Above all have a very happy and prosperous new year.

Terry Gilbert-Fellows

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