Supplement your income by entering competitions

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Dismissing a conceivably beneficial source of income? A way to obtain cost-free training with a chance of free publication? In the event you don’t take part in writing contests then you are.

A writer once said that she earns a third of her income every year by entering competitions. I don’t know about you but I’d certainly like to enhance my income.

In reality, writing contests aren’t designed for Booker prize winners, they are for everybody and that includes you.

Stepping into a writing competition can be intimidating. You envisage you’re up against millions of people with a good deal more expertise than you and that your entry will be laughed into the trash can.

The truth is, entering writing contests shouldn’t be that more overwhelming than writing an enquiry letter, or a write-up on spec. In reality, given that there are literally thousands of contests readily available actively hunting for your submission; I’d maintain that entering a competition is actually much less traumatic than trying to promote an idea to a new glossy magazine.

Now you’d probably state that you have neither the time nor the energy to search for writing contests and compose entries for them, but your are disregarding a possible source of income and free publication.

Consider this; writing contests are promoted several months before the closing date. They furnish you with a specific deadline and a good amount of time to work and re-work your piece before you decide to submit it. The contests often provide you with a precise theme, word limit and submission particulars, which means you can plan to accommodate it into your schedule.

Make money from online competitions
(YouTube video by Jasmine Birtle founder of MoneyMagpie)


As mentioned in the post – Why competitions are important to the emerging writerwe will be reviewing a viable selection of competitions for our writers in each issue of our monthly magazine.

However if you do wish to get started right now – be prepared to win prizes like tool sets, washing machines, microwaves etc. And even if you don’t need such items, you can always convert your prizes into cash by selling on Craigslist, Gum Tree or eBay. GOOD LUCK!

Competition sites to get you started earning cash

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Editor’s selection – entering competitions to WIN cash!


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