Len Biddlecombe, the american disaster

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Len Biddlecombe, writer and poet – from his book ‘Love of Life’.  Remembering with deep sadness the shameful atrocity of 11 September 2001 in America. This poem is offered in memory of all those who lost their lives.

There’s one date on the calendar we always will remember
In the year two thousand and one, the eleventh of September.
The time, just after 9 am, America the place
The most hideous of wickedness to hit the human race.
Four aeroplanes were hi-jacked with passengers on board
One headed for the Pentagon where vital things were stored.

Two headed for the World Trade Centre, twin towers so proud and tall
Suicide extremists smashed them and we all watched them fall.
In excess of a hundred floors where thousands always go,
Many jumping to their deaths on the pavements far below.
Others rushed up to the roof, would rescue be at hand?
Alas, the twin towers crumbled as the terrorists had planned
Thousands died in seconds, the whole thing so unreal,
Crushed and smashed to pieces in tons of mangled steel.

What happened to the other plane? Which target would that yield?~
Passengers fought the hi-jackers, the plane crashed in a field,
All on board were blown to bits, the terrorists as well,
Told they’d find a better life but they will rot in hell!
For all the victims families whose hearts will never mend,
Innocents caught up in war, their suffering will not end.

When the cowards showed the world the carnage they had done,
The towers filled with smoke and flames  blotting out the sun
They made the world a poorer place where nobody can rest
Till terrorism is destroyed to free us from this pest.
We must unite to guarantee democracy and freedom wins
While those who brought about this crime must answer for their sins.

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One Response to “Len Biddlecombe, the american disaster”

  1. Loved the last verse best of the American Disaster – you call them what they are – cowards. Thanks Len – Linda


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