Discovering Book Trailers

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Discovering Book Trailers

Ann Mock


August 2014 I published my first novel, The Union of the North and the South. Publishing involves three distinct processes: writing, editing, and marketing.  While the prospective author certainly anticipates the first step and probably recognizes the necessity of the second, the third is most likely to be a surprise. Marketing utilizes different skills, and its effectiveness is often unclear. Because of the delay in the reporting of sales it is seldom easy to determine whether or not any particular advertising tool works. Promotion has certainly necessitated learning more about the internet and social media.  One marketing tool of which I was unaware was the book trailer. Then, I saw it mentioned in a marketing blog.

Intrigued about this heretofore unknown [to me] marketing tool, I posted a question on LinkedIn about book trailers and was pleased at the helpful responses and many valuable ideas on how to create and even where to publish a trailer.  I viewed a number of trailers and was amazed at the many different approaches authors took.  My husband had previously worked, extensively with Powerpoint and told me he could create an automatic slide show that would serve my purposes.  We began with the reasoning that we wanted to pique the interest of potential readers and not reveal too much of the plot. Additionally, we had to make judicious use of time. It is unlikely that many would be willing to watch a lengthy trailer.  The Union of the North and the South included a number of elements beyond the romantic relationship of the major characters. We illustrated some of these elements with pictures we had taken while visiting the geographic area that served as the setting of the book, allowing us to avoid potential copyright problems and to make the trailer special. We needed music that conveyed the right mood and feeling, but music can, however, also create copyright concerns. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide music for free or for a nominal cost whilst resolving copyright issues. We completed the slide show, added the music file, converted it to an MPV file and uploaded it to YouTube.   We were also loaded it to Pinterest, Vimeo,,, and my Amazon author page.  We are currently in the process of uploading it  to Facebook, Goodreads, MustreadTV with Southern Writers Magazine and; and looking for other appropriate venues.

Recently there was a great deal of discussion on Linkedin about the efficacy of book trailers.  Trailers have worked for movies for decades. Why wouldn’t they also work for books? If you can reduce or eliminate expenses, they can be another cost effective way to advertise.  After one week, I had forty-seven views, which is very promising.  Hopefully someone will see the trailer and it will make them want to buy my book.

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