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Why competitions are important for the emerging writer

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You want to write; you’ve picked up your pen or connected your computer, maybe even taken the cover from your old typewriter, now you want to see your piece in print.

– And to be published.

How can an independent writer manage to become a published writer/author? What are the available processes to make publication easier?   You may well have decided to become one of the multitude of self publishers, ‘the indies’ or maybe you have decided to become one of the traditional seekers of publishing contracts. Whatever your route or mixture of schemes there are helpful things to be considered, all to assist you in your ambition to become ‘Published’.

Just think how much more credence you can add to your efforts when you are self publicising or trying to gain the attention of top of the pile publishers. When you can relate to competitions that you have entered and won/been commended etc. your standing is automatically enhanced. Additionally when you work to submit for a competition you are practising your craft and spending time to polish your work whilst honing your skills. And you are putting yourself forward against a smaller number of writers thereby increasing your chances of publication. Makes sense doesn’t it?

We will research viable competitions

Each month Blackheath Dawn will research the market for competitions we believe are viable for our members. Some will need an entrance fee but keep in mind the value of the competition and the worth of the adjudicators when deciding whether it is a worthwhile investment of your time and money. Remember that in all competitions someone has to win and even highly commended non prize winners are receiving invaluable exposure.

The extra accolade from our own competitions

Blackheath Dawn’s own competitions carry an extra accolade of the competition winner’s medal to be shown on the successful entrant’s website or blogging page.

Supporting services to hone, polish and present your work

Don’t forget that as a Blackheath Dawn member you can have help with the presentation of your work with generously discounted access to: mentoring, assessment, proofreading, editing and presentation. These services are not only for book authors they also apply to competitions, dissertations; even application letters, speeches and sales copy, in fact any form of writing that is important to you. All can be honed and polished by working with a professional. Who knows you may well want to progress right through to being published and have your work promoted and marketed. If you would like to know more about our services, click here!

Perhaps you should consider how much more credence you could attract to your blog site with fabulously honed, professionally polished and presented work?

Each competition will have its own rules and conditions and you should read these carefully to ensure strict adherence as any deviation could possibly lead to disqualification.

List of advisory points for competition entrants:

  • Concentrate on your genre. If you normally write Fantasy novels don’t switch to Chick Lit; it probably wouldn’t work for you.
  • If the competition calls for a definitive word length, that is the rule. If your piece is too long it will not be considered and no-one will even thank you for trying.
  • Make sure that your submission is a new work not an updated and changed old piece that you had lying around.
  • Read the small print. Understand and comply with the rules.
  • Deadlines are set for reasons and must be met. Late submissions waste everyone’s time including yours. Take into account the possibilities of such things as postal delays caused by strikes etc.

In addition to our monthly reminders of Blackheath Dawn competitions we will also keep you up dated with available competitions and other opportunities to make yourself well known and well respected. If you would like to subscribe to these reminders on a monthly basis, click here to register.

Editor’s selection to get you entering writing competitions to polish your skills

Blackheath Dawn Magna Carta competition for writers

Are you destined to be the winner of the Magna Carta competition  and to receive the fabulous marketing package worth in excess of  £250.00? Give it a try – Blackheath Dawn FREE competition for writers.


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