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Self published and sucessful

Some essential tips for self-publishing on Amazon     Image courtesy of Pixabay I recently received back the rights to two of my novels – The Antique Love and The Silk Romance – and  I released both books on Amazon. But getting to the stage of self-publishing on Amazon wasn’t just as easy as pressing a […]

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Big News Coming Soon

Writing as Therapy points to income

Writing as an Outlet —Patrick Jones—     Three years ago I became sick, sick enough to spend 8 hours in surgery and two weeks in the hospital.  Those days are mostly blank. When I got home, I found that anything I could do prior to the surgery was going to take a year to […]

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How to run a very successful Crowd Funding Project

Whether you are self-published or traditionally-published, as an author you’ve probably considered a crowd-funding campaign at some time or another in order to bring a particular part of your work to life. Often times, this is the hardback or audiobook editions of your work, but I have also seen some runs at the paperback as […]

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Chad Kunego

Professional Formatting for Indie Authors

                   Chad Kunego     When you have put in all that hard work to create your manuscript it would be almost criminal to launch it upon your audience without having taken the care to ensure that it appears correctly formatted and […]

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Good News from Ingram Spark

All new and existing customers can now upload an e-book for FREE using the promo codeFREEEBOOK • The code waives the $25 set-up fee for uploading an e-book • Promo ends on September 30th, 2015 • The title must be set-up and uploaded within this time frame to qualify Don’t have an e-book? We can […]

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How Should I Price My e-Book?

Our partner  answers your question  ‘How Should I Price My e-Book?’ Publishing Push have a wealth of information for all ‘Indie Authors.’ A popular question many authors ask us is “how should I price my e-Book?” It is a good question and there is a large amount of debate on the internet about what authors should do. […]

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Publishing Push offers Free consultation to lucky BHD winners

To celebrate our new partnership with Black Heath Dawn, we are giving away two marketing consultancy packages. These are our hour long calls where we discuss your marketing challenges and build solutions for you. Head to our site and fill out the contact form with a message stating BLACK HEATH DAWN. Two winners will be […]

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How do I value my own writing?

The day I published my first novel was the most exciting day of my career. The worst day was the next. I sold three books – one to my neighbour, another my barber, and the third a waitress where I get my coffee. And I had to tip her the $3.00. Six months of blood […]

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Self-publishing: Copyright myths authors should know about

Neal Litherand, the Literary Mercenary talks on copyright myths authors should know about. Authors are no strangers to bullshit. We listen to book reviewers, we have agents, we troll forums; we are constantly immersed in a world of people who think they know what they’re talking about. Sometimes this can be helpful, like when we […]

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Self-publishing: Scrivener, the Indie author’s complete writing studio

David Hewson, established author of the Nic Costa Mysteries and Scrivener user – introduces Scrivener, the Indie author’s complete writing studio. The day that the idea dawns is important for any writer. It needs to be recorded, developed, fleshed out and made into a story. If you are a writer who can sit down and write […]

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Self-publishing: Importance of a sample book and trailer video

Every author, whether they are aspiring or already established, knows about the difficulties in finding a suitable agent or publisher. Publishers want authors whose books they believe they can sell; they can spend hours searching though manuscript submissions.  If a proposal doesn’t catch their eye, it’s not likely to make it through to the next […]

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Self-publishing: Have you heard about Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is changing how millions of people around the world are connecting to Publishing. Seven things to know about Kickstarter: 1. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. We’re a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, that are […]

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Self-publishing: Copyright law for book covers by Jo Robinson

Jo Robinson, author of African Me and Satellite TV, The Visitation, Shadow People and Fly Birdie, shares her insights on copyright law for book covers. The only way to ensure that you have a one hundred percent original and copyright infringement free cover for your book is to either make it yourself with all your […]

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Self-publishing: Finding an audience for book signing by Monica Shaughnessy

Monica Shaughnessy author of Space City 6, talks on finding an audience for book signing. You have written your book. You have loaded it to Amazon through Createspace and it is available as an eBook. Monica Shaughnessy has some tips to help you make sales. I’ve got a book signing this weekend, and I’m a […]

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