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News and Opportunity for a Happy New Year

A year of change and refining. Whist you have been without news or even a magazine to help you keep up to date, behind the scenes we have been very active. Manuscripts have been proofread, line edited and formatted. Books have been edited produced and published. Links to agents,publishers and printers, strengthened. New authors have […]

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Jennifer Sherwood shares her knowledge of Successful Crowd Funding

Blackheath Dawn writers are delighted to have Jennifer Sherwood’s first-hand account and instruction of how to run a successful KICKSTARTER funding campaign. When I saw the quality and sheer ebullience of Jennifer’s project on KICKSTARTER I simply had to ask her to be very kind. interrupt her very busy schedule and produce the article for […]

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From The Editor’s Desk

Opportunities and Apologies. Sorry, if your Blackheath Dawn magazine looks less informative and  professional this issue, believe me, it has more than the normal amount of blood sweat and tears, and angst – don’t talk to me about angst. Petra has been the operating editor whilst we have been continuing our search for a replacement […]

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March: From the Editor

This St Patrick’s Day our magazine theme is fantasy and with this in mind our writers, authors and partners would like to share a little Irish folklore, a sprinkle of magic, some flight of fantasy, a few 3ft leprechauns and gifts from the Fey in the hope that you find your own personal pot of gold […]

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February: From the Editor

This February 2015 issue we follow the theme #celebratefreedom with a short life story from our featured guest author, Jennifer B Graham. Her story talks about the legacy of the Magna Carta and how it impacted her life on leaving South Africa in 1975. 2015 is the official 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta which became the foundation […]

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