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Chad Kunego

Professional Formatting for Indie Authors

                   Chad Kunego     When you have put in all that hard work to create your manuscript it would be almost criminal to launch it upon your audience without having taken the care to ensure that it appears correctly formatted and […]

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Ann Mock

Discovering Book Trailers

Discovering Book Trailers Ann Mock   August 2014 I published my first novel, The Union of the North and the South. Publishing involves three distinct processes: writing, editing, and marketing.  While the prospective author certainly anticipates the first step and probably recognizes the necessity of the second, the third is most likely to be a […]

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Linda J Pifer’s winning entry for Magna Carta competition

          Linda J Pifer looking pleased with herself. In Celebration of the 800th year of Magna Carta By Linda J Pifer   Kings issued coronation charters before Magna Carta; Henry the first, son of William the Conqueror, issued his Charter of Liberties to promise a just rule, the Church’s financial freedom […]

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Linda Perry Has something to say………….

Magna Carta + 800 years .   The Magna Carta is still regarded as the foundation of liberty to this day; it instigated an overhaul of English law.  Included in its many declarations was the promise ‘freemen’ would have access to due legal process.  This promise was not extended to male ‘serfs’ nor women in […]

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Sonnet Competition

April’s sonnet competition has attracted a good response and the last date for entries is Sunday, June 21st 24.00 hours BST, (GMT+ 1 hour). The winner will be announced in our magazine and in our social media pages, week commencing July 6th. The judges are Lottie Clarke and the Directors of Blackheath Dawn Ltd. No […]

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Photography by Roy Riley

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HSBC Tall Ships Youth Trust voyage 2005

First Hand Experience for Authors

Sailing the Seven Seas By Melissa A. Joy Have you, as an author, ever wondered what experiencing something first hand would be like? Perhaps you’ve thought, “I’d like to try that one day,” but never have? Or perhaps you’ve thought such a thing wasn’t possible. It’s a well-known fact that researching material is just as […]

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Julie Crisp strikes out on her own

Before now you’d have probably known me for all the work I’ve done with Tor UK. Nine years spent publishing fantastic authors such as China Miéville, Peter F. Hamilton, Naomi Novik, Mark Charan Newton, Paul Cornell, John Gwynne, Laura Lam, finding new talents like Blake Crouch, signing up The Returned and Twin Peaks tie-ins. And […]

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Nautical Research for Seafaring Authors

by Melissa A. Joy How often have you read a book that involves topics you’re passionate about? I am not referring to a genre, but rather the themes and subjects involved. You may have  a particular interest in ancient history and mythology, modern warfare, or, in this case, the age of sail. I have a […]

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Andrew Lownie Talks ‘Literary Agents’

Literary agent Andrew Lownie answers ten of the most common questions asked about literary agents: How does one obtain an Agent? There are a number of annual reference books that list the leading literary agents, such as The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, The Writer’s Handbook and Guardian Media Guide. Many agencies now have web-sites and […]

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Mary Read (1690-1721) Engraving from General History of the Pyrates 1725

Female Pirates – Did they really exist?

Melissa A. Joy  The short answer is yes, and some of them were even fiercer than their male counterparts. Many of them tended to dress as and pass themselves off as men. Two of the most notable female pirates were Anne Bonney (also Bonny, 1698-1782, Irish), and Mary Read (1690-1721). Both were feminists well before […]

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Captain Kidd Thanks to Wikipedia for all this brilliant information.

As a writer if there were one amongst all the worthy organisations to support, I would recommend a small regular donation to Wikipedia probably the best research resource available to us.       Although modern historians dispute the legitimacy of his trial and execution, the rumour of Captain Kidd‘s buried treasure has served only […]

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From The Editor’s Desk

Opportunities and Apologies. Sorry, if your Blackheath Dawn magazine looks less informative and  professional this issue, believe me, it has more than the normal amount of blood sweat and tears, and angst – don’t talk to me about angst. Petra has been the operating editor whilst we have been continuing our search for a replacement […]

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Publishing Push offers Free consultation to lucky BHD winners

To celebrate our new partnership with Black Heath Dawn, we are giving away two marketing consultancy packages. These are our hour long calls where we discuss your marketing challenges and build solutions for you. Head to our site and fill out the contact form with a message stating BLACK HEATH DAWN. Two winners will be […]

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Publishing Push Help Author Increase Sales by 500%

We recently helped an established author increase his sales by 500% to over 1,000 books per week using a mixture of PR, online marketing and social media… if you would like more information contact us via PublishingPush works with authors and publishers to generate better…•Book Marketing and Promotion for authors and publishers to […]

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