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April: From the Editor

April 23rd and our theme is William Shakespeare. In England we also celebrate – at a very English low key, St. George’s Day. Our writers, authors and partners would like to share sonnets, a competition to win press release marketing. Plus an introduction, as if it were needed, into the wonderful world of the English […]

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A constant two way exchange between (the) learned and the popular

I came across this piece when researching for our Shakespeare edition and it really intrigued. It was a thought that had not occurred to me previously and I wonder if any of our members has any thoughts on its importance or indeed its veracity. “( Shakespeare introduced) a constant two way exchange between (the) learned […]

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Featured guest – Neal Litherland

Without doubt scene setting and world building is an ancient craft, consider Shakespeare’ s Twelfth Night. Why do you think other worldliness is so important to a fiction writer? The easy answer is that world building is the cornerstone of suspension of disbelief. Say you were watching a Western, and the bottles behind the bar […]

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Apache Open Source Software Helps Authors be More Creative

Article by Carol Shetler When I started my home-based professional editing business in 2008, I did not have the funds to install the Microsoft Office (TM) suite on my computer, so I went looking around the Internet to find low-cost or free alternatives. I quickly discovered Open Office (TM), created by Oracle, with the active […]

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Eternal Spring – Terry Gilbert-Fellows

Victor Hugo supposedly introduced this convoluted Pantoum matrix to western society from his experiences in Far east , particularly Malaysia. So as it is his fault, I have taken some of his quotes and sadly twisted them slightly to fit my tortured scheme. But I still feel that his best ever quote was ; “ […]

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38 Love Quotes by William Shakespeare

By Kind permission of Curated This is a curated sub-category. Check out our full collection of love quotes. Curated by: Tammy Lamoureux Few writers wrote as beautifully about love as William Shakespeare. And the added value of Shakespearean quotes is that no ‘one makes fun of the quote as they might if it had its roots […]

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Win a Press Release Marketing Package in our Sonnet Competition


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How do I value my own writing?

The day I published my first novel was the most exciting day of my career. The worst day was the next. I sold three books – one to my neighbour, another my barber, and the third a waitress where I get my coffee. And I had to tip her the $3.00. Six months of blood […]

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