Audio narration, voice over and illustration service provider, Wendy Anne Darling

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Blackheath Dawn Ltd is proud to partner with Wendy Anne Darling, audio narration, voice over and illustration service provider from ‘Voices in your head’.

Introduction – Wendy Anne Darling is a life-long writer of poetry and short stories, an actor, trained voice over artist, audio book narrator and artist.

She is a British ex-pat now living in Colorado, USA.  Most of her life has been spent working in graphic design and legal research but she recently made the decision to quit working for other people and follow her creative passions full-time.

Recent work – Her first novel, Silver Lightning, a mid-grade children’s fantasy for which she also created the cover art, was published last year.

Her degrees in both Graphic Design and Paralegal Studies have helped her efforts in illustration, cover design, and research.

Current projects – She is currently working on another three books: an adult science fiction murder mystery (first in a series of three), a children’s picture book (The Great Cheese Heist) which she will also illustrate, and a sequel to Silver Lightning.

Wendy is a talented narrator and has three projects currently on sale through Amazon Audible, (The Big Blind and High Stakes by author Nicolette Pierce and Blood and Bane – The Dragon Sage Chronicles by author C.J. McKee).

She currently has another four audio book projects in process: Cashing Out and Squeeze Play by Nicolette Pierce, Teach Me by Cassandra Dean, and Outcast by C.J. McKee).

Books, illustration and audio projects by Wendy Anne Darling


If you would like to know more about audio narration, voice over and illustration services, then please contact us via our services enquiry form.

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