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April: From the Editor

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April 23rd and our theme is William Shakespeare. In England we also celebrate – at a very English low key, St. George’s Day. Our writers, authors and partners would like to share sonnets, a competition to win press release marketing. Plus an introduction, as if it were needed, into the wonderful world of the English Language post William Shakespeare.

Talent showcase

Our Talent Showcase this month takes a different turn and focuses on the work that follows the creation of the manuscript. Meet Carol Shetler the type of person that every author needs on their side. Carol specializes in: Beta-Reading, Book Reviews, Condensing and Summaries, Copy Editing, Fact checking, Historical Research, and Proofreading.
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Featured guest

Larry Hewitt, has some heartfelt things to say about the pricing structures within our writers’ markets. He also gives an example of a brilliantly written book blurb/synopsis.
Letters discovered in a tin box hidden in the foundation of a small cottage in Normandy reveal a terrible secret … From The Juno Letters
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Celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday

By Kind permission of Curated we have a curated sub-category. Check out our full collection of love quotes. Curated by:Tammy Lamoureux

Book Feature

New Avalon by Neal Litherland
Read Neal’s Interview and see why he is destined for top notch author slots.

New Avalon is a city filled with stories. They stain every brick, and echo in every doorway. The best stories aren’t found out where anyone might trip over them. The good ones are found down dark alleys and in hidden alcoves, washed up on night time shores and for sale in midnight markets. These are the secret hearts of the City of Steam, and like all the best secrets they fill you up while leaving you wanting more.
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This is your opportunity to create a ‘little song’ – a sonnet to accompany the photographic studies when they are published in book form in 2016. Each month of the competition Lottie Clarke (the photographer) and the directors of Blackheath Dawn will select the winning entry. The sonnet’s creator will receive a marketing package of a press release.
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Our top Talent Carol Shetler has some advice to make the author’s work easier.

When Carol started her home-based professional editing business in 2008, she did not have the funds to install the Microsoft Office (TM) suite on her computer, so went looking around the Internet to find low-cost or free alternatives. She quickly discovered Open Office (TM), created by Oracle, with the active participation of users, who provide ideas for upgrades and improvements.
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