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Getting the word out: requirements and pitfalls


Well for a while I would pay the publisher a fee for a service and sometimes still do, or if they were going to attend some kind of book fair naturally I would want my book promoted there.  Right?  Well one thing I do know about advertising is if it isn’t working, try something else.  Go a different route.  For me the different route has been to use social media outlets; it is certainly the cheapest way to go.

Some of the social media outlets I use are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Google+ YouTube, Pinterest, Netlat, LinkedIn, Crowd Publishing tv, Tumblr, Craigs list.

The list can go on and on.  However, these are my top rankers.  I use them all and they are all free.  Set yourself up a Facebook page; you can pay as little as a $1.00 a day to promote your book(s) or events on Facebook.  Facebook can make a video free; go to my Facebook site to see an example of what I’m talking about.  See the link below

It can be photos you shared on Instagram or pictures you just took or saved to your phone.  Facebook will display these pics, (you are the only one that can see them), and ask if you would like to make a video.  If you decide to say, “ok I want to do this”, they will provide 4-6 different templates with music for you to choose from.  In the past they let me choose 5–10 pics to use to make the video; again it’s done using their templates with music.  You can share it on Facebook, copy the link and paste it on your Instagram or LinkedIn page, for example.

I use any form of social media I can; the only pitfall is it takes a lot of time, sometimes with little result so that it can seem like you’re wasting your time.  There is no promise you will hit it big but what do you have to lose?

YouTube: if you put a video on your page, providing there are no copyright issues YouTube will pay you to allow them to run commercials on your video.  They call it monetising your video.  But there are catches there too; you will have to read the stipulations to understand what is required.  No guarantees there either but again what do you have to lose?

There are extra benefits in self-advertising; it can cost very little to nothing and I have found new friends I would not have met otherwise.  I found it so rewarding because I have met some really nice people.  Sure I may never meet most of them in person, but that isn’t what is important.  I still value their opinions and consider them amongst my good friends.  Another benefit I found is it can help build your self-confidence while building skills you never thought or knew you had.  You can be creative in the way you put your ads together as long as it is within the guidelines; most importantly my motto is, “be yourself”, because no one can copy you.

You don’t have to use all these social media outlets; you can pick and choose, find which works for you and stay with it.  Don’t give up.  Keep working at it because you never know when, (and I’m not saying this will happen to you); however you never know when someone will contact you and say, “hey I would like to feature your book in my magazine”, ask you to contribute a story to help a charity or for that matter be asked to write an article for a magazine.  It maybe something even bigger, you can never tell.  I read an article where one famous writer wrote 13 books before hitting the big time..  If writing is your dream, be encouraged– keep writing, advertise where you can because you never know when an opportunity may come your way.

And when it does grab it !


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